Program for to 2 yrs, Head-Start, and Pre-Kindergarten


A Beka Book Curriculum


A Beka Book have been developed and refined over a period of 50 years in the classrooms of Pensacola Christian Academy. Christian schools throughout the nation recognize that A Beka Book sets he standard of excellence in the publishing of textbooks and other materials for Christian Schools. 


Phonics is employed as the most logical, orderly way to introduce reading to children. A Beka Book readers are the finest available anywhere. Our beautifully illustrated and imaginatively written readers present a strong Christian emphasis coupled with a sound phics approach to teaching reading. Stories are carefully selected for itnerest, readability, theme, and Christian values. Scriptures verses help students to see that the caharacter traits taguth by the stories are those which are exalted in God's words. 


A Beka Book provides attractive, legible, workable traditional mathematics texts that are not burdened withn modern theories such as set theory. These book have been field-tested, revised, and used successfully for many years in Christian school. 

Program for Toddlers

Children under two year of age are using the "My Baby Can Read" program to give them an early start in reading. They are taugth their basics thorugh play and art to prepare them for the next step. Toodlers are also taught sign language to help them comprehend vocabulary and directions as well as providing an alternative method to communicate need and wants until words are developed. 


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